In 2020 Harris County voters showed up in historic numbers. Now some legislators want to make it harder for us to make that happen again.

These Texas legislators are aggressively pushing several bills through the Texas House and Senate that will restrict our ability to vote. In some cases, these lawmakers want to give partisan pollwatchers the right to question and intervene in a citizen's voting process, a tactic historically used by hate groups to intimidate voters of color. And this is just the start of it. These bills are Jim Crow 2.0.

Meet the Harris County Jim Crow 2.0 Crew

Here are your local representatives pushing The Big Lie, call them today and demand that they stop trying to suppress voters.

Who's Funding Jim Crow 2.0?

If this Jim Crow 2.0 legislation is passed, Texas is projected to lose $14 billion and over 70k jobs.

Big businesses in Texas have been publicly silent, but they’ve funded the cosponsors of these Jim Crow voter supression bills to the tune of over $1 million. Let these companies know that you do not want your dollars going to fund voter suppression:

HB6/SB7 In the News

HB6/SB7 In the News

Co-signing organizations

Common Cause Texas
Mi Familia Vota Education Fund
PWN Texas Strike Force
Texas Civil Rights Project
United We Dream
Vote Simple